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Western Australia in 2007

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Light green sundew:
Yes, I know you have been wondering about the sundew. It is Drosera modesta, a small and delicate species. Notice how the stem is zigzaggy, and how the petioles are gently curved.

Here is another view of the habitat, which shows that even this relatively simple habitat has a lot of interesting things going on, such as resident Drosera glanduligera.

One thing you do not see, because of my composition choices, are grassy looking plants which were very common on the moss. (You can see one in the center-rear of the linked photograph I mentioned in the previous paragraph.) That plant is Romulea rosea (Guildford grass), a non-native invasive introduced from horticulture. It did not seem to be displacing the natives much, and I hope it doesn't in the future.

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