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Western Australia in 2007

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More rosettes:
Oh man, I love this plant. In fact, I loved it so much that I didn't notice the rain had resumed. Before I knew it, my camera had become soaked--apparently I hadn't listened to my own grumpy and sanctimonious warnings to Beth. I tried to find some dry clothes to wipe down my gear, but I was sopping head to toe.

The rain increased in intensity, so we decided it was time to retreat to the car. Along the way we found a few colonies of D. erythrorhiza subsp. erythrorhiza. They were in a bad place to photograph (under a barbed wire fence) and the rain was unrelenting, so I passed up photographing it. It was probably a wise decision at the time, but sitting here in my dry and warm office it is one I now regret a little. Oh well--just an excuse to revisit!

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