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Western Australia in 2007

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Worth getting wet!
First, he took me along a sandy trail. The rain had lightened to spittle, so it was not so miserable. It was even pleasant. But then Phill directed me into the shrubs, which were heavy with great droplets of cold rainwater. Oh well, thrills were why we had come, so I went on in, getting covered once again by cold water.

(Maybe you have noticed that being both cold and wet is not something I really love.)

And this is what Phill wanted to show me. These extremely interesting rosettes are specimens of Drosera zonaria! Fantastic!

Isn't it cool how these rosettes are almost hidden by the sand? Because the plants were camouflaged, for a while these were the only specimens we found. But after a few minutes we noticed more rosettes here and there in the tea tree thicket.

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