The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Getting wet:
OK, now the rain really started coming down hard. I carry with me a big plastic sheet that I use to diffuse sunlight on contrasty days, which I gallantly gave to Beth as a rain hood to keep her dry and protect her camera. (She was wearing sensible rain gear, unlike me.) Unfortunately, the rainwater was pervasive. Everything, myself included, was getting wetter by the second.

The rain, by the way, was a cold, mean rain, and I huddled in moist misery under my cold and dripping shrub. Beth was still photographing her plants (what the hell was taking her so long!?), so I photographed this little Stylidium repens while I waited. The plant blended very well with its surroundings.

Despite my chiding about getting her camera wet, Beth was still obstinately photographing in the rain. It had not escaped my attention that Phill had long retreated, presumably to the warmth of the dry car. I told Beth I was heading back.

However, when I reached the car, I met Phill who had spent the rainstorm gamely exploring a nearby tea tree swamp. I tried to hide my dismay when he diverted my soaked and car-bound feet towards the wet shrubs that he had been exploring.

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