The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Western Australia in 2007

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Phill parked the car on the edge of a small road that wound its way through rolling hills. The forest was quite dense, and consisted of jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) and marri (Eucalyptus calophylla) communities. It was a short walk to our destination, so we gathered our gear. Beth and I were still organizing our equipment when Phill noticed this plant scrambling in the low understory scrub: Drosera pallida. This plant grew in surprisingly heavy shade. Even so, it was quite happy and was even in full flower.

I worked diligently to photograph this plant, but it was hard since the light levels were so low. Picture after picture was spoiled by the wind. I told the others I would catch up with them. Finally I had what I wanted, but by then Beth, Phill, and Dave had sauntered a hundred meters along the road and I just had time to notice where they cut into the bush. I hurried along to meet them. First I caught up with Beth, trying to identify a bird in the bush, then I saw Phill and Dave beyond her, looking around in a large opening on a hillside.

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