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Western Australia in 2007

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I left the other three in the Utricularia multifida fields, and headed alone towards the car (which was back by the Drosera rosulata). Earlier I had seen a nice patch of Drosera glanduligera and I wanted to photograph some of the larger plants. (Yes, I know you probably saw small specimens of this species several slides ago, but I wanted to talk about it here, in chronological order of how I spent time on them.)

I was hoping to achieve satisfaction in two goals. The first goal was to derive some hint about this plant's cultivation needs. It is very difficult to grow well in cultivation--what is the missing factor that everyone seems to be overlooking? However, despite my observations here and elsewhere during our Australia trip, I saw nothing that illuminated the mystery.

Here is another image of this plant, viewed a bit further off.

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