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Western Australia in 2007

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Another pygmy:
I was alone with the Drosera rosulata, as Phill, Beth, and Dave had disappeared among the trees and shrubs. But I could hear them calling for me, so I gathered my gear and left for them at a trot. The ground dropped imperceptibly, but enough so that the surface water began to pool on the very flat ground.

In a very sandy patch, we found some Drosera nitidula. Since this species has been split apart, with the various subspecies going to different species, I should note that this is what was formerly called Drosera nitidula subsp. nitidula.

But this little Drosera wasn't why we had come. We had come because in front of us, the water gently deepened to form an enormous pool several cm deep, stretching off beyond the scattered bushes to points beyond our vision. And growing in the pool...

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