The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 12

Notes to Lecturers, Students, Webmasters, etc.

The text and images on this web site and throughout the domain may not be used without my explicit permission. The content on these pages is protected by the copyright laws of 1976 and 1989, which make all created material copyright-protected, even without being individually registered. Please do not take material from this domain. I do allow, however, limited use of my web content. See below for more details.


Lecturers and teachers who wish to use images or text from this FAQ are free to do so without requesting my prior permission--you can use the material in powerpoint presentations, slide shows, etc. If it is a really important presentation--like for your dissertation defense--and you give me time, I may be able to resize an image for you to 1024×768 so it looks better on your slide. (Unlikely, but not impossible.) If you are going to put your presentation on the web, look at the guidelines below that I give for webmasters.


Of course, we all know that when writing reports or technical publications, you should always cite your references. If you use information from this FAQ, you can cite the page and use the revision date at the bottom of the page. If you wish to cite the entire FAQ, use the following as a reference:

Rice, B.A., 2018, Carnivorous Plant FAQ v12,, accessed (Today's Date).

If you would like to use images for your in-class presentations or school reports, you can use material from the FAQ (the same goes for power point slides, and so on). If you are going to post your presentation or report on the web, you must follow my webmaster guidelines.


Webmasters can use content from my site if you respect the following guidelines.

Text: You can't use it. Write your own.

Translations: If you wish to translate the FAQ into another language and post it on the web, you can do this. Previous versions of my FAQ have been translated into German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. Contact me if you wish to translate it into another language. We'll talk.

Images: Yes, you can use my images. But there are five rules you must follow.

  1. The text "" that appears on my images (Example) may not be cropped, removed, or otherwise defaced. If you modify an image so the text is obscured, you must credit using the method described in the next guideline.
  2. Not all the images on my site include the "" text. (This is especially the case on my thumbnails: Example) If you use such an image on your page, you must include on the same page the following text:
    "Some of the images on this page are used by permission of".
  3. You can use no more than twenty graphical elements from on your entire web site.
  4. If anyone asks you if they can use my images on their site, direct them to my domain so they can read these rules for themself.
  5. Images may only be used by private persons or carnivorous plant societies for informative web sites. Sites related to businesses, non-profit organizations, or the media, may have to negotiate for image use. That especially applies to people grabbing my images for unauthorized eBay use!

Revised: 2018
©Barry Rice, 2018