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Travels with Booger, 2006

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A few oddities:
A bit about Mike Howlett. He works at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center. He has a great interest in herpetology, and is a person I turn to whenever I need a reptile identification. He also runs a small business called Houston Herpetological Supply (google it). Mike is my source for the steamed and canned bugs that I feed to my carnivorous plants. Yum yum!

The Big Thicket Visitor Center is on road 69/287, about 12 km north of Kountze, at the intersection with Hwy 420. It has some lovely displays, including the resin pitcher plant model shown above. That model is enormous--the pitcher mouth is about 2 meters off the ground! The Visitor Center is a great place to spend a few minutes buying trinkets, while you let your eyes recover from the bright Big Thicket sun.

The Big Thicket encourages exploration of its biological treasures, so visitors without benefit of a guide like Mike would do well to stop by the Visitor Center to get tips on places to visit. In addition to the Pitcher Plant Trail, there is a Sundew Trail in the "Hickory Creek Savannah Unit", accessed from hwy 2827 which heads west from 69/287 about 10km north of the Visitor Center.

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