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Travels with Booger, 2006

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Pitcher Plant Trail:
Leaving the Watson Property, we visited the Big Thicket's Turkey Creek Unit to walk the "Pitcher Plant Trail." This is easily accessed from road 69/287, north of Kountze; take road 1943 a few km east from 69/287, and look for the entrance on the south side of the road. (I provide this detailed information because the managers of the location encourage visitation.) It is an easy five minute walk from the trailhead to the plants, and the site is even wheelchair accessible. The trail was in great shape, although I suppose that after storms it might become flooded--well, it is a wetland after all!

Exploring this site, we saw excellent Sarracenia alata, Drosera capillaris, D. brevifolia, and Utricularia subulata growing in a field made lovely by the golden-yellow flowers of Schoenolirion croceum. (Thanks to Verne L. for the ID on this plant!)

(See also this image of the same plants.)

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