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Southern Portugal in 2011

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Day's end:
And so, at last, this field trip story draws to a close. The total tally? We saw only three species of carnivorous plants, only two of which were new to me. That may not seem like much, especially for those used to the gluttony of adventuring in southeast Asia or Australia.

(I can imagine my Western Australia friend, Phill Mann, rolling his eyes at the thought of only three carnivorous plants species.)

However, one of the new species--new genera--was Drosophyllum, and that's damned cool!

We packed up our gear and left Lisbon the next morning. We were heading for southern Spain. It was sad to leave this country--surely one of the friendliest countries I have ever visited. I could easily see coming back, even if I had to see a bunch of Christs while I was at it.

(Did I mention the presence of a giant, 28m Christ statue just outside of Lisbon?)

In my next photojournal I will reveal the exploits of our time in Spain. Enjoy!

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