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Southern Portugal in 2011

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An easy discovery!
Once we left the car, we hiked up a steep hill, following a likely looking water course that also led towards our GPS target point. While I very much wanted to find some plants, I had low expectations for success. There were too many bad signs--the stream showed too many indications of seasonal variations---during peak periods, it looked like this little stream would develop water flows that could easily scour weakly-rooted Pinguicula out of the ground.

The fact that the source of this GPS point was Richárd Novák, who had given me information leading to our failed Maça expedition did not give added comfort.

However, after less than 30 minutes of search, we found a place where the stream fanned out, just before a road crossing, and the Pinguicula jumped right out at us! I was happy to find that all my doubtful thoughts about the quality of Richárd Novák's data were not at all merited! Richárd, please accept my apologies for my lapse of faith!

These plants were brightly lime green, and I wondered if this might be an interesting genetic aspect of the plants at this location. You can see this very clearly, in this closer view of plants.

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