The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Southern Portugal in 2011

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I like the rose blush on the corolla tube of this plant!

Our day was at an end. We had seen Drosophyllum at two sites, Drosera intermedia at one, and Pinguicula lusitanica at two. Not at all shabby!

Group photos taken and hugs made, we all departed friends. On the long drive home to our hotel, Beth, Paulo #1, and I vowed to meet the next morning for yet more carnivorous plant adventures!

By the way, we had a funny diversion driving back towards Lisbon. Paulo #2 was leading the way in his car and Paulo #1 was driving the car containing our group. We discovered that our route was blocked because the main street of a town we were passing through was closed (due to a festival). No worries--a guy standing by his car offered to be our guide, and drove ahead of us for about 10 minutes, leading the way. This was our second case of being escorted for the day (remember the Patron Saint of Drosophyllum?) I was really impressed by how nice Portuguese people are!

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