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Southern Portugal in 2011

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Patron Saint of Drosophyllum!
As we were leaving, we met a highly energetic local business man who was very excited to see our interest in the Drosophyllum plants. In fact, he had been aware of the plants for decades, and traced out with his arms where the plants used to live on the neighboring hillsides. At one point, years ago, he had even made a film documenting the plants. Despite his efforts, development had proceeded and the plants were mostly obliterated. Although it might not be possible, the Paulos hope to get a copy of his film from him, and scan it into a more modern format. How interesting that would be!

After much conversation, the Patron Saint of Drosophyllum decided to lead us to lunch, but the dread mid-afternoon doldrums (after lunch, not quite yet dinner) meant that we had to visit three separate eateries before we found something acceptable. Mind you, the Patron Saint was very picky, and had to drive us from one end of town to other, and back again, before he was satisfied with our final arrangement. As we all caravanned, he even called ahead to make sure our table was ready for us.

A great man. A saint. And not just any saint--the Patron Saint of Drosophyllum! And despite our meanderings, Paulo #1 never ran out of gas. Such is the Patron Saint's power.

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