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Being Stupid in Ontario in 2003

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Bog #2:
Having used a few rolls of films at the first bog, I found my way back to my luxury car and navigated to site #2. This place was much easier to find--it was almost next to the road, and the only challenge was finding a passage through the dense wall of woody vegetation separating me from the open bog. After several false starts I found a low tunnel through the leaves and branches, augmented by deep mud-filled pits. Great...

I edged around all but one of the mud pits without incident. Ah, but the one that got me was a FINE mud pit--up to my inseam (and then some) in COLD water and chocolate mousse! That frigid plunge pulled a very high-pitched squeak out of the back of my throat. By the time I pulled myself out of the mud hole, I looked like one of the wretched peasants from Monty Python's "Holy Grail"--a sodden, mucky mess.

In time I reached the open bog field. Like the previous site, this location consisted of a lake fringed by a mat of floating Sphagnum. Trees and shrubs grew beyond the plain of Sphagnum. This photograph shows the grassy Sphagnum mat and distant trees.

Q: Why do I call this field trip report, "Being Stupid in Ontario"?
Hint: Did you notice I haven't mentioned my travelling companions?
A: I was being stupid because I was travelling alone. This is really stupid. Do not do this yourself. Travel to bogs in pairs.

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