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A Shadow over North Carolina

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Night fell, and so I left Frank to go to my cheap motel. I called my lovely trophy-wife on the phone, and we chatted as I took off my nasty, muddy boots.

What's that on my ankle--oh, a little tick. (Squeesh goes the tick!). Off come the socks. What's this on my feet? A bunch of little seeds? Hey wait, they're moving. They're, they're, they're all ticks!!!!

I told Beth I had to call her back, and I spent the next 45 minutes cleaning ticks off my feet and legs. I had a personal record--37 ticks, many of which were attached! Whoo hoo!

Unfortunately, and I did not know this at the time, I had run into a dense population of chiggers, too. For the next seven days, I had a constant itching and burning on my ankles and belt line as about 55 chiggers chewed into me. Such fun.

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Revised: October 2007
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