The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Massachusetts and Vermont in 2006

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Nice pitchers:
Having been driven mad by the contrast resulting from the intense sun, I unpacked and assembled my damned unwieldy photographic diffuser. It was a monumental pain using it on the floating mat, but images without it were nearly useless.

What made things particularly challenging was that the plants I most wanted to photograph were at the deep-water margins of the mat, where the Sphagnum was the most delicate and treacherous. Even if remaining intact, the mat would would slowly sink under my weight. One time I spent a few minutes composing my image, just to find that when I was ready to trigger the shutter that both my feet and the plants had submerged under several cm of water! It was frustrating, but I did chuckle to watch the plants reemerge from the water as I retreated from the pond's margin.

Here is an image without the diffuser, as a useful comparison.

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