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Massachusetts and Vermont in 2006

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Close view:
The boardwalk ended in a little loop, within binocular-viewing distance of the open water at the middle of the bog. In order to look for Utricularia geminiscapa it would have been necessary to leave the boardwalk and circumnavigate the central lens of water, focusing on the margins of the floating mat. However, this wasn't quite a good enough of an excuse to leave the boardwalk. It would have been great to explore off-path, but I could not justify risking damage to the Sphagnum. So I instead spent a pleasant 30 minutes examining the plants from the boardwalk, surveying with my binoculars.

I could dress it up by saying I was "remote sensing."

All in all, I saw Sarracenia purpurea, Drosera rotundifolia (mostly dormant), Utricularia macrorhiza, and a terrestrial species (out of flower) that was either U. cornuta or U. juncea.

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