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The Whisperers in the Boglands

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Ooh, this is a very pretty plant. I like how the coloration of the hood venation is red on a golden-yellow background with peach highlights. Contrast that with the earlier plants, that have red on green venation.

The sun had emerged from behind the veiling clouds and was burning brightly. So in order to avoid the intensely contrasty light I unfurled and assembled my big diffuser--first I erected a PVC-pipe cage around the plant, then I clipped on a shower curtain. Yes, it is a pain to bring this on hikes, and yes it is a little annoying to assemble the diffuser in a wobbly bog, but I am glad I did--when I got my slides developed I rejected the photographs taken without the diffuser faster than Brittney Spears dumped husband #1.

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Revised: October 2007
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