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Idaho fen-hopping in 2006

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Utricularia minor!
Well heavens, this was easy! Shortly after circling the shoreline to the sedge mat (and taking a shortcut across the corner of the lake by walking over the length of a convenient beaver dam), I found Utricularia minor plants clustered in openings among the grasses. First I only found leafy stolons in vigorous growth, then I found these plants in flower. Very nice! For scale, bear in mind these flower stalks are only about 5 cm (2 inches) tall. Taking photographs with a tripod just a few cm above the water is a very moist process.

Here is a view looking downwards on the plant. The very attentive student of Utricularia might be distracted by the interesting foliage in the field of view (which is not U. minor).

I had only seen U. minor in flower once before, ironically just a few days earlier in California!

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