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Okefenokee and Doerun Georgia in 2003.

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Another hybrid:
Although we searched a great deal, we were unable to find any Sarracenia psittacina plants. We knew that they were either eluding us or had died out only recently, because we found several Sarracenia psittacina × minor hybrids (Sarracenia ×formosa), such as this one. (Do not be confused by the Sarracenia minor pitcher in the middle of this photograph--it is from a different plant.)

Another interesting plant we saw at this site is a member of the spurge (euphorbia) family. As soon as I saw it, I warned Beth not to touch it because it looked a great deal like a plant I knew from Arizona (Cnidoscolus angustidens) that actually has hollow spines that inject a toxin from venom glands on the leaf. Crazy! The Arizona plant has the amusing (if sexist) name "mala mujer." The plant we saw in Georgia (Cnidoscolus stimulosus) is called "finger rot." Heh heh heh. Sounds like it does the same thing, but neither Beth nor I were willing to test it and see.

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