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Okefenokee and Doerun Georgia in 2003.

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Give yourself time in Okefenokee to relax, look, listen, nap. Let the swamp seep into your soul. I took this picture of Beth on the last morning, after I finished photographing some Sarracenia psittacina. It took about twenty minutes to get the photograph set up the way I wanted, so in the meantime Beth just hung out. Meanwhile, several alligators around us started their morning bellowings to each other (hearing that was a marvel, even after four mornings of it). Shortly afterwards we watched a swallow-tailed kite play in the air.

What a great place. Go see it. But if you do, for God's sake respect it. I was just recently talking to a carnivorous plant horticulturist who said he was growing a large number of pitcher plants from the swamp that he (or a friend, I wasn't quite sure) had poached. Sigh. The cycle of poaching continues. And still, horticulturists seem surprised that they are not trusted by conservation workers and preserve staff.

For your clarification, removing seeds or plants from Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge is prohibited. The plants are not yours to take.

Ah, but all trips come to an end, as did this one. That evening we were back in our cheap motel in Folkston, enjoying deep fried southern cookin'. The next morning we packed the car and headed west, to a little pitcher plant bog south of Doerun, Georgia.

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