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Okefenokee and Doerun Georgia in 2003.

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This is what Sarracenia psittacina usually looked like--masses of flowers that had gone by. (I am sure that a few weeks earlier, they would have looked fabulous!) The pitchers were a little harder to find. They tended to be hidden by the grasses and forbs, although the occasional water's-edge plant occurred here and there.

Some say that the Sarracenia psittacina in Okefenokee are also "giant." Well, I cannot say that I saw any that were particularly large. Certainly, they were larger than some plants I have seen in the wild, and especially were larger than some I have found growing in hot and dry conditions like a parched road-side mow strips. However, I have seen plants in the Seminole, Florida area which were even larger.

The pink flowers in this photograph are Pogonia ophioglossoides, a cute little orchid.

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