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Okefenokee and Doerun Georgia in 2003.

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We saw more than just Utricularia purpurea. The yellow-flowering bladderworts we saw were U. striata (shown above), U. gibba, U. inflata, and U. subulata. Very nice! We also found U. olivacea (not flowering)--you can imagine how studly I felt when I managed to detect that tiny species. (Beth displayed a suitable show of admiration.)

We only saw one sundew species while in the swamp: Drosera intermedia. These were very similar to the stemmy plants I have seen in the New Jersey Pine Barrens (see my description of that trip here.) We saw Drosera capillaris in the dry lands surrounding Okefenokee, but never during our canoe trip. (The Drosera capillaris we saw in Georgia were the confoundingly weird plants that drive you crazy. They mimic D. brevifolia, D. intermedia, and hybrids. What is going on with this plastic species??! Crazed speciation?)

Having noted and appreciated these other species, of course I was really looking forward to seeing one thing...

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