The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Okefenokee and Doerun Georgia in 2003.

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The first carnivores:
Can you see the two species of carnivorous plants in this photograph? The purple-flowered plant is Utricularia purpurea. This is one of the USA's two purple-flowered bladderworts (the other is U. resupinata--U. amethystina is a third purple-flowered species that used to be in Florida, but it is now probably extinct there.) The water in Okefenokee is stained to the color (and pH!) of coca cola. It makes for beautiful reflections.

One challenge about photography in Okefenokee is that with so little stable ground, tripods are usually useless. So most of my photography on this trip was hand held, which drove me crazy. Please forgive the shallow depths of field.

(The second carnivorous plant in the photograph is Utricularia gibba--appearing as the greenish mat of stolons. While I did not bother to photograph this species on our Okefenokee trip, you can see photographs I took of a flowering Floridian specimen.)

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