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Apalachicola National Forest in 2010

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A fine conclusion
The next day was our last; our two-week trip in Florida had come to an end.

We spent the day recuperating from the grueling hike of the day before, and engaged in gentle sight-seeing. Much of it was spent driving along various roads in Apalachicola, stopping to rescue turtles and to revisit some GPS points I had recorded on previous trips.

For example, we revisited a few Pinguicula lutea sites where, a few years earlier, Brian Barnes and I had found Pinguicula lutea f. alba.

The summer storms were in full force, so probably one third of the day was spent hiding in the car.

But between the storms, the light was sweet! I took advantage of it, with a close look at this leaf, and then amused myself with this extreme close view.

After a long day, we dined one last time at the Family Coastal Restaurant, and then, regretfully, drove to our hotel and repacked for California.

Thanks for the great time, Florida and Floridians. Some day I'll be back---for Utricularia simulans!

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