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Apalachicola National Forest in 2010

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Dang pretty!
Behold the lovely flower of Utricularia resupinata. Now, who wouldn't like that cute little flower!

Not to toot my own horn unduly, but I would like to point out just how challenging it was to capture this image.

It involved, among other things, lying face-down in a mucky savannah, an hour or so after noon under a very hot Florida sun. I was lying under a hot, plastic sheet to diffuse the light and cut the wind, which had the additional affect of creating a chokingly hot, stuffy oven. I could only spend a few minutes at a time under the sheet before my eyes were blinded by the salty sweat dripping into my eyes, but for you, I'll do anything.

I also took similar shots of the foliage, but I will readily admit that they are not quite so showy! Unless you are a nut for Utricularia, it might be best for you to resist the urge to click the hyperlinks.
Leaves with a few flower buds;
A closer view of the leaves.

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