The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Apalachicola National Forest in 2010

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Evening approached
It had been a long day, and the sun was dropping low towards the horizon, so Beth and I hustled to another site--a place where I knew I would find Pinguicula ionantha and nice S. flava var. rugelii.

Both were found with ease, and the Sarracenia in particular looked great, back-lit by the evening sun (above).

We discovered a shy box turtle, and Beth decided to photograph it. This meant she had to sit long and quiet by the turtle until it poked out its head. This gave me plenty of opportunity to explore the savannah more completely.

Much to my surprise, I discovered--amongst all the S. flava var. rugelii, a very few plants of S. flava var. ornata.

Unfortunately, I was not the only person to have made this discovery....

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Revised: June 2010
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