The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Apalachicola National Forest in 2010

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Deep red!
Like at Splinter Hill Bog, you have to work hard to take bad photos here.

On the other hand, it is hard to take a photograph that really captures the experience of being at this place. I don't think I've done that.

Think of the heat and blinding light. Think of the sound of the wind in the pines. Think of the unreliably soft ground. Think of the wet feeling in your socks earned from a prior misstep resulting in your plunging into muck up to your shins, and the prickle of some kind of twig that got into your shoes. Think of the the buzzing bees, the biting yellow flies, and the perpetual sense of dehydration right around the corner.

Yet all discomfort fades at the view of all these incredible pitcher plants rising from the ground.

Here is another view of the savannah, showing a wider field---ooh, can you see the little S. psittacina plants in the center foreground?

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Revised: June 2010
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