The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Apalachicola National Forest in 2010

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While I waited for the sun, Michael Manna dropped by the bog---he's a carnivorous plant aficionado who knew I was in the area. But still, despite such pleasant distractions I could not shake the frustration of not gettting the light I wanted.

By now, Jim had tired of my complaints about the light. He suggested we occupy our time more productively by visiting a nearby site where we would find S. flava var. ornata.

We took him up on it, and ten minutes later, we were rewarded well (see above)!

Quite wonderfully, the sun dodged behind a cloud and the wind calmed. I even had time to take another photograph, of a solitary pitcher.

It was Beth's turn to photograph, which she did right up until we were inundated by the first of the afternoon storms to come our way.

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