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Drosera filiformis in Florida, 2010

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Old house
We visited two more sites, but I won't bore you with more, rather similar images of Drosera filiformis.

Our two days completed, our score card looked pretty good. We had found Drosera filiformis at eight different sites. Meanwhile, we had been unable to reach four other sites (I did not tire you with those details).

Here's a strange old structure, hiding under an ancient live oak, drooling with Spanish moss. It was really creepy. I felt the strong and unmistakable influence of forces from beyond the grave...unsettled souls that had not moved on after their stay on Earth had expired.

To photograph it, I experimented with a new filter I had purchased before I left California. I had ordered a standard "daylight" filter from, but the vendor---some outfit called "HPL Imaging"---sent me a "night-view" filter instead. What the heck is a "night-view" filter anyway?

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