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Drosera filiformis in Florida, 2010

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By next morning my camera had returned to full operation, so we were no longer in an immediate need of a new digital SLR. Beth and I developed a protocol where one of us would compose images with her dead camera, while the other shot with my live camera. Switching camera bodies back and forth, we could both photograph, although at a frustratingly sluggish pace.

En route, we saw a somewhat beleaguered Florida softshell turtle trying to cross the busy highway. I executed a few marginally legal vehicular maneuvers to circle back to the turtle before it became flattened. Beth rescued the turtle, and carried it across the road to safety. We spent a few moments (of course) photographing and studying it.

We had arranged to meet Randy at a lake of his recommendation. He and Brian had finished their day previous at this lake, which Randy promised would deliver Drosera filiformis.

Shortly after the turtle rescue, Brian called us from the road to tell us, using the somewhat colorful language we adopt in the field, to prepare ourselves for botanical dainties surpassing expectations. Our first destination for the day was guaranteed to delight!

Following my GPS, I parked the car and started on a sandy trail to a small seepage lake. Our trail was made easy by arrows and greetings that Randy had drawn in the sand!

Arriving at the lake, we met Randy...and Drosera filiformis with flowers still open!

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Revised: June 2010
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