The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Drosera filiformis in Florida, 2010

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Running late
The trip began with Brian Barnes, Beth, and me driving in from Splinter Hill Bog, Alabama. We were scheduled to meet Jim Miller and Randy Zerr early in the morning, but we were running terribly behind. For some reason, MapQuest had failed us by underestimating travel time by about two hours.

Arriving at last, our first site for the day was a small sinkhole I had visited a few years previously, in early spring; the photograph above is from that visit. It was interesting to see what the plants looked like at this later stage of the year--instead of just emerging from winter dormancy, they were flowering and in full growth.

This was Beth's first look at them, and she was certainly excited!

Since my intentions were to observe as many localities as possible, after a quick look-around we headed to the next site to meet Jim and Randy.

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