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Western Florida, 2010

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Another kayak day:
The next day was a Beth-birding day, and she arranged for us to kayak the nearby Coldwater Creek.

We arrived at Adventures Unlimited and signed up for an 11 km kayak trip. I was a little concerned because we were in line with several good ol' boys who were obviously more concerned with getting drunk on the river than anything else, but it turned out they were only going on a short inner tube float.

Later, I saw them in the parking lot, hiding beers in their jackets, hoping to subvert the liquor rules on the river. I was glad to see no more of them on the trip.

The 3/4-day river trip was pleasant. Unfortunately we saw almost no birds whatsoever, but did enjoy a few encounters with watersnakes and garter snakes.

Seeing this nice river-bank colony of Drosera capillaris was pleasant, indeed.

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