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Western Florida, 2010

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In my opinion, the stem-forming race of Drosera intermedia is the most spectacular sundew in North America; yes, even nicer than Drosera filiformis or Drosera tracyi. This plant was more or less fist-sized. I love it.

Here are several other plants.

We dropped in at two Sarracenia leucophylla sites. The light was too weak to allow for photography, but the plants were nice to see--especially for Beth, as she had never seen Sarracenia leucophylla in the wild before.

After this, we spent a little time unsuccessfully looking for red-cockaded woodpeckers. Birders reading this know that watching white-banded pine trees is a common-enough pursuit!

And thus, with mosquitoes pulling blood from our skin, we bade our goodbyes to Randy, knowing that we'd see him again in a few days.

After the long day, our beds were comfortable places!

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