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Western Florida, 2010

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In your face
Moving back into shallow water, I investigated the U. floridana inflorescences. You can see the purplish peduncles rising from the depths in this image, often bending or branching while still underwater.

This image reminds me of how the habitat was so---messy! Vegetation, muck, and indescribable chunks of decaying mystery-matter was everywhere, brushing against my face and fouling my gear.

Good advice---keep your mouth closed!

There's that fish again. Does anyone know what kind it is? It kept an eye on me at all times. Maybe it is territorial?

Or was it hunting for smaller fish? The many minnows swimming around me appreciated my stirring up the muck--every time I dislodged some goo they would examine the unsettled detritus madly, looking for food. Maybe this big fish was doing the same?

By the way, for this photographic experiment I used a Sea & Sea submersible camera, complete with strobe. It is a film camera, so I had to wait until after my trip was over to see the results. I am certainly not skilled at underwater photography, but I am thrilled that the results manage to capture a sense of the spectacle.

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