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Western Florida, 2010

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Eglin Air Force Base:
To botanize on Eglin Air Force Base, you must first obtain permits at Jackson Guard (in Niceville). While there, we watched a mandatory little video about explosives, and what we should do if we found a misplaced warhead. Uh, OK....

Somewhat cowed after this, we met our partner for the day, Randy Zerr. Randy knows the area well, and was an ideal host. Proof of this is that Randy brought three kayaks for us! Excellent!

I was very excited about this part of the trip, because Randy had promised to show me Utricularia floridana, a species I had never yet seen. However, on his last message to me, Randy had hedged slightly on his identification. This, plus my find of Utricularia foliosa the day before had me concerned. Was Randy about to take me to a pond filled with Utricularia foliosa instead?

For after only a short drive, we arrived at a little Utricularia-choked lake!

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