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Western Florida, 2010

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Utricularia foliosa!
Near the coast, Jim, Beth, and I walked along a freshwater berm flanked by water-filled ditches. Locals fished for mullet on one side of the berm, and warned us to stay away from the other side because it had a large alligator in it.

So they vain I scanned the waters for large reptiles, but instead I spied emergent yellow flowers. Little would stop me then; I stupidly poked around in the shallows. The locals shook their heads at my stupidity, but I was rewarded for my brashness by finding very large growths of Utricularia foliosa!

This one was quite an aggressive plant!

By the way, if you wonder about the extreme dorkiness of my pants tucked into my socks, it is to prevent ticks and chiggers.

Why do I have my pinkie finger extended? Can someone explain that to me?

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