The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Florida Panhandle in 2008

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Lilac flower:
Other plants had lilac flowers, much like Pinguicula planifolia. Look at all the pollen on the petals! Contrast that flower with ones with paler, larger petals, or more white, nearly heart-shaped petals.

We left this site to visit the Pinguicula ionantha site I had seen with Jim and Bob the day earlier, but that Brian had missed out on. (This was the site with the monitoring tags.) When we arrived, we saw some other people stalking around the savannah. We watched them for a few minutes to make sure they weren't poaching, and when we were sure they were just enjoying the plants we emerged from the bushes and hailed them.

OK, I'll admit that for a couple of minutes I pretended I was a pig hunter, but that's a different story.
"Haaay y'all....watchall lookin' fer? Huntin' pigs?"
I doubt they believed me, anyway.

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