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Florida Panhandle in 2008

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Pale flower:
Eegads! I was astounded as I looked at what Brian had discovered. I had never seen a Pinguicula lutea flower so pale! It looked rather more like a pale P. caerulea than anything else. It was astonishing!

Brian and I kneeled around the plant, like shamans supplicating before an idol. I am guessing that, with the yellow palate lobe and oh-so-pale wash of yellow near the base and spur of the flower, this plant doesn't quite count as white-flowered. But it is quite extraordinary!

The P. pumila search was temporarily forgotten. I examined the plant from the side, and compared the plant to normal flowers in both portrait orientation and landscape orientation.

But soon, I began to yearn again for P. pumila, and we returned to our creeping survey of the Pinguicula lutea flower patches.

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