The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Florida Panhandle in 2008

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We did manage to find a few carnivorous plants in the wiregrasses like this Drosera capillaris, but you can see that I am really stretching myself by trying to keep your attention with this mundane species.

The plants above looked perhaps like it might be a specimen of "long-leafed" Drosera capillaris, perhaps slightly reduced in size for the winter. Brian seemed to think so, and he found a few plants he assessed as being "long-leafed" in further stages of development. Drosera capillaris is a weird plant in Florida.

Night was falling, so Brian and I went our separate ways (he was staying in Carrabelle). We set a time to meet the next morning in Apalachicola, at the only store in a tiny town with the unlikely name of Sumatra.

I returned to my hotel in Tallahassee. Along the way I once again became concerned with the terrible crimson stain flooding the light brown carpet of my rental car. That evening I struggled to for another 30 minutes to clean it using cleanser from the hotel staff, but for all my labors the stain was if anything brighter than before.

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