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Florida Panhandle in 2008

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Poor little Pinguicula primuliflora seems to be in serious trouble--nearly all the sites for this plant have been destroyed. Most of the few that remain are on Eglin Air Force base. The famous Crestview sites are now restaurants, but I had learned of a site that was easily accessible. Looking at maps afterwards, I discovered we had wandered onto the Air Force Base...but just barely.

This site was a dream to reach. Sure, we had to circle around some non-native privet (Ligustrum sinense) choking much of the stream, but soon we found these marvelous plants growing in the mosses and rotting logs along the water's edge.

The plants were growing in very sandy soils in the stream, and often formed very large colonies!

I was thrilled...this was the first time I had ever seen this plant in the wild!

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