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Florida Panhandle in 2008

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Simply red:
These plants have an extraordinary red cast to them, even when still in bud.

There were many dried flower stalks present, but in places the plants grew in tight clumps suggestive of episodes of vegetative proliferation.

Other than the Drosera capillaris and dried inflorescences of Utricularia juncea (which inspired me to find some tiny leaves and bladders in a nearby bank of red Sphagnum), no other carnivorous plants were visible. I spent time wading around in the pond itself, desperately seeking Utricularia floridana, but was unsuccessful.

Satisfied with our explorations, we regrouped and drove to our next site--a large, sprawling complex of lakes and lakebeds that was one of the original discovery locations for the red Drosera filiformis.

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