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Florida Panhandle in 2008

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The next morning we met Bob McMorris. The three of us hopped into two cars and caravanned west. Jim drove with me, and his eyes goggled when he saw the enormous, bright red stain spread across the passenger floor carpeting. He indelicately referred to this as my O.J. Simpson stain.

This stain was caused a few days earlier when a gallon bottle of bright red gatorade ruptured, and cooked to near dryness on the beige carpet. It covered half the floor on the passenger's side, and looked really bad. I was certain I would get stuck with a big cleaning bill from the car rental company, so I spent two hours one evening ineffectually trying to clean the carpet with the limited resources available to me in my hotel room. Imagine what I looked like to other people staying at the hotel, if they looked out their windows to see me sponging bright red fluid out of the passenger seat of my car...

But back to the story. A few hours west of Tallahassee, we arrived at this small karst pond. (A karst pond is caused by erosion into the limestone bedrock.) This was supposedly one of the sites for red Drosera filiformis. As we walked around it, Bob shouted out that he found Drosera capillaris, and then shortly after that he yelled out, "filiformis"!

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