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Florida waterscapes in 2003

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This was just too cute!!!!
I couldn't bear it! The little guy (girl?) lurked around in the Utricularia, and would without warning lunge forward with jaws snapping, presumably capturing fish. Sometimes it would also get a big mouthful of Utricularia radiata (which I presume was not the targeted food item) and would have to struggle to expel the bladderwort from its mouth while not losing its desired meal.

Oh man, I was delirious with pleasure. Slack-faced, drooling, with glazed eyes, snapping picture after picture, I quickly finished off the roll of film. I was waving to anyone who might be near (alas, I was alone), hoping they'd see this too. "Look! A gator!" "Lookee, he's a little-un!" I even started narrating its actions with a pseudo-Australian accent. (LOOK at him NOW! LOOK at those TEETH! HE'S REALLY MAD!) I couldn't help myself, I had finally contracted gator-thrall. I had no shame.

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