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Florida waterscapes in 2003

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Water snakes:
The easiest access to Fakahatchee strand is via a nice boardwalk entered from Tamiami highway. You get a nice exposure to the plants and wildlife, without getting too close (if this sort of thing gets you nervous). You'll see lots of alligators (the intoxicating effect on tourists was, of course, immediately obvious as always--"Hey everybody! Gators!!"). I spotted one fake-Australian tour guide.

There are lots of snakes in Fakahatchee. Shown above are harmless Florida water snakes (Nerodia fasciata subsp. pictiventris). The smaller one (a male) kept stroking his head on the scales of the larger female, making it difficult for me to freeze him in this several second exposure. The tableau got me all misty-eyed for my lovely wife, back in California.

(Thanks to Mike Howlett for the identification of this snake. He also informed me that my genders were switched when I originally thought the male was the larger specimen. Oops.)

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