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Florida waterscapes in 2003

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Lookee there! Alligators:
Every now and then I encountered tour groups led by local guides, who charged fees for their services. I noticed with delight that about half the guides were dressed in brown shorts, like TV's animal-show idiot Steve Irwin (the "Crocodile Hunter"), and sported extremely poor, fake Australian accents. Oh, I wished my Aussie buddy Robert Gibson were there to hear it.

This lovely alligator smiled for the camera. (I'm guessing there is some thermal regulation going on, actually.) When the hatchling alligator in the foreground swam by, you can imagine the furious photo-taking and insipid comments it generated by tourists: "Whoah, a big-un and a little-un!", "Look--alligators!", "Hey!--gators!" Eyes were glazed faster than bakery doughnuts.

I took this and the previous photograph on the second day of my trip, near Shark Valley.

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