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Western Australia in 2007

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A sad farewell:
Here is Beth getting muddy, while Phill's legs are shifting in the background.

And so, our carnivorous explorations with the esteemed Mr. Mann came to an end. The rest of the day, unfortunately, was consumed with the tedious chores of doing laundry so we wouldn't continue to attract the wincing stares of passers-by. The laundromat was close by, which was useful when I realized I had left my pricey tripod with the Drosera marchantii! A quick trip from the laundromat to the Drosera returned my tripod to me. For reasons that shall become clear, Beth has never made fun of me for this.

That evening Phill and his daughter drove us north to our Perth hotel. This part of the trip was uneventful, except for dinner at a very odd middle-eastern takeout restaurant where the regular serving staff had been taken hostage and replaced by the untrained felons on the loose.

Goodbyes were said at the hotel, and eyes all round were sincerely misty. Beth and I look forward to our next opportunity to travel with Phill.

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