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Western Australia in 2007

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Big, big trigger:
Beth was still playing with some plants in the seepage area, so Phill took me a few hundred meters along the South Coast Highway to show me more things.

Ah yes, this titan is Stylidium schoenoides, which produces the largest flowers in the genus: about 5 cm long (2 inches) long. This guy has the common name of cow-kicks. I've never been kicked by a cow, but I have been kicked by a horse, so I respect this plant.

It was time to regroup for the next site. By the way, I have to apologize to Phill about how I treated the interior of his car. The far back looked like a low-rent tenement the whole day because I had all our socks (well, really just mine) spread out in a vain attempt to dry them. It smelled kind of bad back there.

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