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Western Australia in 2007

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A monster!
One last photograph from the cliff wall; I saved my favorite Cephalotus for last. This veritable monster of a pitcher was so large it seemed artificial, and I felt it was glowering over me the whole time we were at the beach. Indeed, it was oddly intimidating, so I saved photographing it for last. I don't know if it seems large or impressive to you, but even looking at this image now I can remember how strange and unearthly it seemed, partially buried in the moss.

I must relate one final anecdote from this beach. As we slowly progressed the cold, saline, painful distance from the Cephalotus cliff back to the car, three or four large rafts rounded the cliff shoreline. As it drew closer, I saw that each was filled with 8-10 schoolgirls, possibly from a local all-female University. They had seen us negotiating the tricky coastline, and were curious to know if we wanted a ride. We declined, as we were nearly back to the car.

However, let me reflect upon this fact.

Three boatloads of enthusiastic and excited girls floated in from the sea, they eagerly asked me if I wanted to join them, and I declined.

What was I thinking???

Well, of course, I was thinking about getting to the next carnivorous plant site!

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